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: I am now typing with a dvorak keymap. it is agonizingly slow; ordinarily I would have been long finished with what I mean to write by now. However, the advantages are obvious; I can generally guess where a key should be. Now I have forgotten what else I had to say. I keep having to move my hands away from the keyboard to find a key. Agh I say.

: Whoa, that is weirder than weird. If you look at that thing I just wrote, you will see that I subconciously chose words that are easy to type. I bet the same thing will be visible in this bit. Oh, the unbearable slowness of typing.

Well, the <p> tag sure is easy to type. Andyway, segfault has won awards. Yippee.

: The Pokey mirror I was using for Dada Pokey went down, so I changed it. It works again. I am writing this from Linux Netscape, which is strangely unaffected by my recent keymapping.

Da da [sic] Pokey has 18 votes! That's a whopping 6%! Not bad, for the random recombination of someone else's work. Also check out the glowing endorsement from none other than Tom Servo.

: What's with my homey that vote URL? Try this one.



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