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: I may have spoken too hastily about the weather. So far the weather has been very nice and December-y. It rained yesterday even.

One of my recent fears has been that film critics would hail Very Bad Things as the greatest film of the twentieth century, and KALL would thusly be made to look foolish. Fortunately, that fear was unfounded, as every movie critic who I respect (not that I know a whole lot of movie critics) hated it as much as we did.

But speaking of the greatest film of the twentieth century (love that segue!), I saw Citizen Kane last night. I don't think it's the greatest film of the twentieth century, but there are people who do. I stand by Biodome as the greatest film of the twentieth century.


: I was bored (amazing how many projects are started out of boredom, no? I dare say boredom is one of the world's great motivators), and I'm having trouble thinking about the idea base, so I wrote a little finger client so that people who are using Windows can finger me (and others) without having to download a 400K program to do it.

: Oh yeah, yesterday Peter and I voted to call the underscore character a "skid" (as per the Jargon File), as that is only one syllable. I don't care if you decide to do the same, but you might want to consider it.


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