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: Another music thing I typed up while cleaning out my accumulated papers from this quarter: The Jeff Lynne Rock Operas, rock operas about Mr. Rock Opera himself, Jeff Lynne. The second one is supposed to be Jeff Lynne's abuse of editorial power as author of the rock opera.

: Today Kris came up with the best Yoda joke ever:

Hmm! Wars do not make one great! Tabasco makes one great! Makes one great omelette!

I'd like to say that it was worth taking the bus all the way over to campus and then back again to have helped spawn that joke, but I don't think it was.

CS and stats finals tomorrow. Bring 'em on!

: I took the CS final, and am about to go take the Statistics final. So far nobody has met anybody's father a steel cage; although Kris says the CS final met his grandfather in a steel cage.


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