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: Those of you who don't mind getting a 370K file can check out the Sam Peckinpah sp?)-ish cartoon I drew two weeks ago, Very Dull Things (part 1) (you can read it as it downloads, so it's not like you're wasting the downloading time doing nothing). Kris is working on scanning part 2, where it gets even more hurtful and bloody and meaningless. The guy with the Star Trek cap is Kris, the guy with the ramen noodle hair is Adam, and the other guy is me. Probably not the best place to cut off the story if it's going to be presented in parts, but when you've filled a page, you've filled a page.

I got a bunch of books at the library's perpetual used book sale. The best book is The Rise and Fall of T.D. Lysenko, which combines all my favorite topics: biology, pseudoscience, history, and the Soviet Union. Yummy! There's a non-perpetual used book sale going on tomorrow in Kinsey too.


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