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: I fixed the disambiguate typo. Are you happy in your work, Scott?

Our (Kris' and mine) modem works perfectly. Once we are allowed to use state machine definitions, all the annoying little tiny glitches that have plagued us in this lab melt away like snow exposed to the glare of the sun. It took about 12 hours of work to get it going, but that was just the result of the complexity of the project. It was downhill all the way. Now we just have to hape that the board doesn't fail and the modem interfaces properly with a program we've never s een.

In other news, I just pulled off the scheduling feat of the century. Although I will be taking a full 16 units next quarter, I have no class on Tuesday and my only class on Thursday is a math discussion which I hope to be able to skip. Also, a quick look at the list of classes shows that I have only one more circuit-related class (the dread follow-up to my current lab) and I will never have to think about hardware again.

Who's at dialup8.trail.com and is using Python/urllib to look at my homepage?

: Oh, hey, check out this fossil find. Kris had never heard of these guys; neither had I. There's an awesome artist's rendering but the file is huge. I'm going to gimp it down to size when I go in tomorrow.


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