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: Raining again. If I didn't like rain so much it would be depressing. But since I have no girlfriend wanting me to go pander to her lustful desires this Valentine's Day, <popcorn king>sweet fruit juices annointing her body <\popcorn king>, thus requiring me to go outside and get rained on while going over to wherever she might live, it's very nice. The only problem is, they're playing opera on KUSC, which I hate. So it's Zappa time.

    Michael "Tee-hee, Save The Children" Yount mutilated my evil vampire yearbook picture into an evil demon yearbook picture. I didn't put it up because it sucks. If he does a better one I'll put the better one up. At least he used the GIMP.

    I'm making brownies. Actually, I already made the batter. They're in the oven. I guess I'm compiling brownies.


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