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: My album is now a solo endeavour once more, and is called "Ow, My Prostate!: 24,996 Years of Porcelain Puppy Oppression". I have done some recording for it, but not a lot seeing as how I left my {karaoke machine, heart} in {Bakersfield, San Francisco}.

     I really shouldn't be doing this, as I have a midterm in a few hours. But my mind steadfastly insists that it's an easy midterm, but it's not, but my mind controls my body so what can I do? I'm here hitting keys instead of cramming. When I fail my midterm my mind's really going to get what's coming to it.

     It's raining [], hallelujiah, it's raining [], hey-ey-ey. Get off my land, ya smoochers!

    Kristofer "pwd" Straub and I have discovered a new elementary particle, the Durion. Now at last science can unite the electroweak force and the wacky force!

I feel as though some sort of disclaimer were neccessary for that last item, but I'm not sure what.

Later: Actually, that midterm was pretty easy. I guess my brain knows something after all. But that's what's the deal we're dealing in.

In other news, I finally started work on Da Da Warren Memorial Memorial. Enjoy it, suckers.


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