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: What's this? An update? [smarmily] Well, yes. Check out my Dweebspeak Primer scrapbook, the latest addition to the festering pit of narcissism that is the Leonard Literature page. My phrase for the week seems to be "festering pit of x".

Later: Do PC software consumers benefit now that Microsoft owns everything? Well, here are some price deltas for late 1985 and 1986, inspired by Papa Joe's 1994-1998 comparison. Not very conclusive, but have fun anyway.

Later still: Hey, check out www.mozilla.org. Did you know about the Olympics? They're over now, apparantly.


    My freezer is full of meat. This is not hyperbole. My [laughably small, admittedly] freezer is completely full (so full I had to remove the ice cube trays and the frozen spinach to cram everything in), and it's 80% full of meat. James and I go through Hamburger Helper (and, consequently, hamburger) like a tornado through a trailer park, and David has palletes of pork and entire flocks of chickens which must be frozen. I don't think eating meat is morally wrong or anything, but that's just too much meat in too small a space.

    Mike "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk" Rust, professional Andy's roommate, has successfully pestered me into adding numerous browsers to the browser greeting CGI. Soon I'll have every browser in existance covered and there'll be no need for Arthur Miller's misfits I won't get any more automated emails from the rackem frackem program. ("Hey, you programmed it!") Bite me.

Later: As a public service, I put up Mike's feature requests to show the way I like my feature requests. Well done, without a lot of barbecue sauce.

    I just wrote a song (more accurately, I just finished writing a song). It's pretty silly. It will probably go on Ow, My Prostate!: 24,996 Years of Porcelain Puppy Oppression. Here it is: Born to be Dead



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