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: Pain, pain, pain. I have physics homework due tomorrow which I cannot do. Plus, I'm coming down with whatever horrible disease Kris had. He was stupid and contagious. Aaaaaaag... I'm going to write a Wheel of Content program which will intersperse those quotes (which I added two of just now) with rubrics and allow easy expansion to accomadate whatever other useless CGI gadgets I write.

    By the way, the Mimic program is GPL. I have funercized my editorial perogie-ative and made it so, in the absence of any response from Mike Rust. Please read and understand the GPL before using or abusing Mimic. Also note that Mimic is a meme, and that by publicly displaying the Mimic program or its output you will be propagating the meme and encouraging others to take it up, effectively shortening the lifespan of the joke. See also Dissociated Press, meme, sliced bread.


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