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: Hey, this evening I'm going to go see people from Red Hat talk, as seen on slashdot. Then we get (presumably free) dinner! Woo-hoo! I gotta wash my clothes so that my Linux T-shirt will be clean to wear.

    A question for you: What is the opposite of "incentive"?

    Yesterday Adam Kaplan wrote an extremely mighty song about me. Here it is: Crummy. He wrote it as part of a deal that he would write a song about me and I would write one about him. I'm gradually chipping away at my end of the bargain. My song is called New Time and is an Adam-saves-the-world type deal.

    Another thing that happened yesterday is that I got new shoes from Robinsons-May, a store I would not normally be caught dead in (actually, I wouldn't be caught dead in any clothing store, unless you count the Salivation Army and Goodwill as clothing stores); but I had a gift certificate, and my old shoes, hand-me-downs from my huge cousin Brian, had been mine for almost two years (and who knows how long he'd had them) and had begun to fall apart (Aah! My shoes are falling apart!), and it's difficult to get shoes that fit me at a thrift store so I figured I'd buy new ones. My goodness, what a long, complicated sentence. That's what I say, for some reason, "My goodness!" and "Oh, dear!" like June Cleaver. I don't normally type them, but I say them a lot in meatspace. Which reminds me, I'm working on a Leonardonics page which will replace the "What the he{ll,ck,pcat}" page down there and which will explain many of the words and phrases I use all the time. It's the least I can do.

    Anyway, the new shoes. They're modeled after hiking boots, but they're not boots, they're shoes. They look watertight. They're kind of difficult to get on but that will change as I break them in. They're quite sturdy. The brand name is "Claybrooke Outdoors" if that means anything to you. I am pleased with my purchase.

    Andy and I are probably going to go see Penn and Teller during spring break. They're appearing at the Wilshire Theatre, which is a few miles from here and next door to the Flynt Building, owned by that kindly old pornographer, Larry Flynt.

    What's this?, you say. No, sorry. What's this, you say? What's this? you say? "What's this?", you say. That'll work. "What's this?", you say. "Leonard actually going to see a live performance?" But the cosmic balance will never be in jeopardy (do do do do do do do), as Adam is going to take me to Pasadena to perform at some open mike nights. Woo-hoo!

    Also, if you don't know this, you should. The five surviving Pythons are going on an anniversiary tour next year, when any partying we do will be, by definition, partying like it's 1999. Haul down the well wall, Hazel, I am there. They're going to be performing new schticks as well as old favorites, and probably doing more sick stuff with Graham's ashes (or ashes claimed to be his, it doesn't really matter) in the style of both previous Python engagements, and, yes, The Big Lebowski. Andy has witnessed the power of The Big Lebowski, have you? Accept the Dude into your life and know that he takes it easy for all us sinners.


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