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: Happy Bach's birthday (wasn't this Schroeder's schtick)?. Had Bach lived to this day, he would be 313 years old, which is very, very old. I remember playing at a Bach festival at the tricentennial, in 1985 (I mainly remember it because I have a certificate from it). I was five years old. I'm rambling. Anyway, Bach is good booze. It looks like today is going to be a day of Bach on KUSC. Woo-hoo!

    It's also the first day of spring. Spring can bite me.

    Chih-Chien "The Cable Guy" Chang sent me his part of our Engineering 95 paper. It is a 3-megabyte Word file. I'm going to have to go into Win95 to read it, but it only took a couple minutes to download in Linux. I don't think I've ever gotten 33.3K out of this modem before.

    OK, I've got to cram for Physics, I've got to assemble the Eng95 report from the pieces I am sent by my teammates, and then I'm okay. The Math 33 final needs some studying for, but that's not until Wednesday and the Math 61 final on Tuesday should be a piece of cake (not literally). This weekend will be the weekend from hell, but I think I can make it. Wish me luck.

    The Old News page is getting big. I'd better split it into its constitutent parts. Later...

Hm, Sampo doesn't seem to be responding. I'll have to call Andy and ask what's up. It wasn't working yesterday either. So you won't read this for a while. No great loss.


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