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: I've got this old 60s song stuck in my head, the one that goes "How can I be sure... in a world that's constantly changing...", but the part that is stuck in my head is "It's a pity I can't find someone who's as pretty and lovely as you." What a shallow bastard the character in that song is.

    This is not a good sign, as I always get songs stuck in my head while I'm taking midterms and finals. And they're not relaxing songs, either. Once I had the part of the Animaniacs theme song that goes "We are the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister Dot...now you know the plot" repeating over and over again. AAAAARGH!

     Speaking of finals, here is my revised schedule:

Physics final20 hours
Engineering 95 report22 hours
Math 61 final37 hours
Math 33 final64 hours

    So the time to panic is now, pretty much. However, in 23 hours I will be mostly free, and in 64 hours I will be completely free, for better or for worse.

    OK, I gotta go study magnetism now. I hope to be able to get at least 4 hours of sleep tonight.

    I don't know why the server was down. I'll find out eventually.


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