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: OK, as you may have noticed the page looks a lot different. That's because it's now the special spring cleaning edition of Leonard's Yummy Homepage! I'm cleaning out all the crap that's in the root directory, I'm adding a bunch of new directories, I'm making stuff look nicer, I'm updating pages that haven't been updated, and generally doing stuff. Enjoy the new format, and mail me with any broken links. There's a directory called misc/ where stuff I can't categorize is going, look in there if you can't find something.

    I've done all the stuff that doesn't require Perl hacking, so I guess I'll get started on that. I've made dinky changes to pages across the board, and added new indexes, so have fun with that if you want to. The only thing I remember is adding "professional" to the Leonardonics page.

Later: OK, the dynamic silly nickname page is up. I wrote code so that it would never duplicate names on a single page, but it didn't work so I gave up. I'd rather work on the cookie bombardment thing. I'll check back later.


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