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: Tomorrow Netscape source code will fly free on the wings of the net. Just thought I'd mention it.

    Here's a cool link: www.idiom.com/free-compilers. I think what I'm going to do on LYH, link-wise, is to have a several pages of links in different categories, with descriptions, and then periodically upload my Netscape bookmark file. By the way, check out Linbot for all your bad-link-finding needs, now in GNUvision.

    I have on my desk a CDROM copy of FreeBSD, which I will soon be installing on one of the old systems we plan to replace today. It is in fact the 2.2.2 version of FreeBSD, which is somewhat old (June 1997), but that's fine. I'll just have to download a new Apache. I think there should be a cage match between the FreeBSD daemon and the Linux penguin to finally determine which one is more sappily cute.

    Oh yeah, yesterday at the open mike a little girl sang Hanson's Mmmmbop. It actually doesn't sound so bad when a real XX person sings it. It's like those whalesong tapes.

Later: Of all the things I hate about Visual Basic, this is the thing I hate the most: To display a form on the screen you say Formname.Show. To get the form out of memory you say Unload Formname. Show is a method of the form, but Unload is a statement. AAAARGH!

    And the thing is, this makes sense according to the internal logic of Visual Basic. There is a Hide method which stops displaying it but doesn't remove it from memory, and there is a Load statement that loads the form into memory but doesn't show it. But if you're doing actual programming, nine times out of ten you want programs on the screen and in memory, or off the screen and out of memory, and so you only want to use Show and Unload, and it looks inconsistent.

    In case you're wondering, Load and Unload can't be made methods of the form because they're also used to create and destroy new controls on the screen at runtime. Like Internet Explorer and Windows, these two features have been welded together into the same entity.

    Man, my elbows hurt. Why are my bones so brittle? I always drink plenty of... "malk"?

    My grades are trickling in: Physics: C+, Math 33A: C. Math 61: B+. It's just not fair. I am so much more competent in the Math 33A arena than in the physics arena. No word on my Engineering grade yet. I hope I get an A. A, dammit! A!


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