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: The Big Lebowski ROCKS! It is better than Fargo! It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen! The part at the end with the nihilists setting fire to Dude's car had me laughing so hard I was pounding the unforgiving plastic seats of the theatre (I am wont to pound on things when I'm laughing really, really hard, as Angie Hernandez can attest). Not to mention the total disrespect for the persons and property of every character in the film on the part of every character in the film. Oh, man. See it. NOW! Although if you're under 18, you'd have to go with your parents, and they might not appreciate it.

    In the tradition of, well, the tradition of something, I'll cast myself and my friends in roles from The Big Lebowski:

    If I had to complain about The Big Lebowski, I would say that the computer-generated effects were pretty lame, and there were no attractive women in the movie. Adam likes Maude Lebowski, but I say yecch. And Bambi is just a hussy.

    Oh yeah, I failed my physics midterm today.


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