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: Silliness abounds this April Fools day. As usual, the wackos at Sun have dived head-first into it. Microsoft has taken a more tongue-in-cheek tactic. Oh, that's a real initiative. Never mind. This year has brought a bumper crop of joke RFCs as well, including RITA -- The Reliable Internetwork Troubleshooting Agent, with which Rubber Fish is interoperable, and two RFCs relating to Internet control of coffee machines. Just click on the first link and increment the number to read all the joke RFCs.

    I'm too old and tired to do an April Fool's joke of my own, but there's an interview with Steve Ballmer I did which you can treat as an April Fool's joke if you want.

    Alas, the Cookie Bombardment program may have to be scaled down, as it turns out that you can't set cookies for other people's sites without making arrangement with them. I can still be evil with cookies, but they all have to be sampo.st.hmc.edu cookies. If you know of a way to get around this, let me know.


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