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: 37 years ago yesterday Yuri Gagarin made it into space. 1961. Man. Such a short time ago. Now there are people living in space and we don't even think about it most of the time.

    When the Russians announced they had sent a man into space, Americans were terrified. Now, it's something to celebrate. Progress.

    You know what? There's a part in my song Land of the Bad Analogy where I say something like "in the Land of the Bad A-nanal-annalogy" and I have no trouble saying it, but I can't write it out to save my life. A-nal-a-na-nal-a-nal-o-gy. A-na-nal-a-na-nal-a-nal-o-gy. I'm pretty sure that's it. And now that I've written it out I see that it is not composed of the start of the word "Analogy" written over and over again. It's like someone stuttering. Oh well. I don't care. Great song, by the way. I recorded it on Saturday. I don't know if I'm going to finish recording OMP!(25K-4YOPPO) on the karaoke or wait and get a 4-track. I'd really prefer to do it on 4-track. I also have an awesome version of Liquid Crystal I did with a thumb-plucking technique and in which the bridge is played by bouncing a spoon off the strings. It rocks, in a quiet folky sort of way. Took me forever to do.

Later: Here are Lyrics and chords for Liquid Crystal. Enjoy. It's basically a bashing of the "different ways of knowing"/"local truth" school of postmodernists.

Later still: Adam is a constant source of joy for my mail page. Here is his latest effort. It helps to know that we have a bit in which Brian Kernighan acts like Santa Claus.

    I have joined the LinDope mailing list. Our goal is to put up a Linux humor site. The mailing list is called LinDope in honor/shamess rip-off of that fabulous Be humor site BeDope, but it will be changed soon. Hi there, LinDope people visiting my home page.


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