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: Several items of business today. First, I'm going to change my email address. This won't affect you, since leonardr@ucla.edu will still get mail to me, but it's not the account I'll be checking. I will rather be checking leonardr@csua.ucla.edu.

    Why? Because I got an automatically-generated letter from the UCLA Office of Academic Computing chewing me out for wasting computer resources by having, sometime in the recent past, checked my email more often than twenty times in a particular hour.

    I left the letter at work, or I'd put it up. The letter contains no threat, but it does refer to the dreaded Acceptable Use Policy which states that students shall not make it difficult for others to use the computing resources. An attempt to check an account's email more often than twenty times in a particular hour is apparantly seen by the auditing system as a low-scale denial of service attack.

    Note that I do not, nor have I ever made a habit of checking my email more often than once every five minutes. If you were to graph the frequency of my trips to the POP server, they would probably fall squarely in line with anyone else who uses email as their primary form of communication. At some point in the recent past I was probably busy-waiting for an email of prime importance such that I checked my mail more often than I normally do; I don't check my mail all the time for fun.

    I was going to write a big rant about how much OAC sucks, but this is such a pissy little thing that it's not worth it. But it's the pissy little things that get you. So I'm going to set up a .forward file for leonardr@ucla.edu and move over to using my CSUA account, because whatever you may say about CSUA, they don't really care how often you check your email. leonardr@ucla.edu is a nice mneumonic, though, so I'm going to put that down as my actual email address. If for some reason you don't want your email to be processed by the ben2 monster, you can send it to leonardr@csua.ucla.edu when I give the signal.

    On my stack of never-to-be-finished projects I will push a low-volume Web robot which I can run as I surf. If OAC is tracking my email checking patterns, they're probably also logging every URL I visit, and I'd rather not have that information be statistically meaningful.

    Okay, second, there is a girl in my CS51 class who acts like Anabel Fujimura used to (and still does, for all I know), only it's not cute when she does it. It's annoying. Argh. I also drew the CS fairy, who is a stick figure fairy with 80s rock star hair. In the cartoon she is shaking her fairy dust onto the inhabitants of the Village of Gates, the houses of which look like logic gates. The caption reads "The CS Fairy has come to sprinkle her magical dust on the Village of Gates!". The inhabitants of the Village of Gates are lying on the ground crying out in pain, and the CS Fairy is saying "Take that, lousy Village of Gates!" Then the second panel is a close-up of the CS Fairy as she sprinkles from her wand. The caption reads "Uh, CS Fairy, do you have the wrong dust or something? The villagers are dying!" and the CS Fairy says "No, this is the right dust." It's funnier when you actually see the cartoon.

    I have a Jabba the Hutt action figure now. I've had him for about a week now, but I never talked about him on the News You Can Bruise page. It's the younger, trimmer Jabba from the revised edition of Star Wars, and there's a Han Solo guy who came with him. I have no use for Han Solo, but I put Jabba on top of my monitor along with Morn and Rubber Fish. In fact, Jabba is holding Rubber Fish on his shoulder like a grenade launcher. Crashes, look out! I also gave Han Solo's blaster to Morn.

    You can ping groucho now at You can't telnet in or access the Web server yet, though, because it's behind the firewall. Apparantly we have a lousy unconfigurable firewall so the ping-only status will probably last as long as our current firewall does. There is talk of replacing the firewall with something better. It [the firewall] runs on the Sun. I don't know if it's Sun's default firewall or what, but apparantly it sucks.

    I closed my CD today. I now have a total of about $3600 avaliable for check-writing. Unfortunately, that represents all the money I have in the world, and I have to spend $650 of it right away for this month's rent. Oh well. I'm making about $300 a month from MAP. Not that that's enough, but it'll help.

    Man, I have to finish my CS180 homework. I couldn't get to the LyX site yesterday so I'm going to have to go into 95 and type the homework in Word. Bleah.


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