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: Over the objections of weez, I have upgraded to Red Hat 5. Let it be known that the difficulties I am now having are my own damn fault, and let weez be absolved of all blame.

    It's actually not that bad. I need to get a new version of Afterstep that uses glibc6, and it looks like I need to update my wvdial PPP program. Everything else seems to work fine, and I'm all set to upgrade to the 2.1.88 kernel.

    Also, I have POP mail access again. Cool. Omar made a statement something like "The further off from the main UCLA computing bureaucracy you go, the more options and flexibility you have." I have found this to be true. From the CSUA student machine I can get pop mail, or if I'm not at home I can just telnet in and use pine to read and reply to my new mail. Plus, it's yummy Linux and not the proprietariness of AIX that ben2.ucla and *.seas.ucla depends on.

    Check out all my email addresses. Through judicious application of the .forward files that the Unix-Haters Handbook hates so much (as is, indeed, its job), you can send me mail to any of the following addresses and it'll all get funnelled into my CSUA account.

  1. leonardr@ucla.edu
  2. leonardr@segfault.org
  3. leonard@seas.ucla.edu
  4. leonardr@csua.ucla.edu

    You can also send me mail at leonard@mapinc.com, which I check occasionally. I've tested all this and it works.

    There's a hilarious poem about chess on Prarie Home Companion right now. Just thought I'd tell you. I'm getting Afterstep right now.

    I have sent Jake my tape to be the master for the tape he's got a May 1 release date for. Buy the tape. Adam should have sent the other master tape to Jake today. Buy the tape. I can't stress this enough. Chock full of live performances (read: Coffee Junction) and rarities, and that's just our side. Jake's side has all the nutty computer-manipulated goodness you've come to expect from Jake.

    I can't help but notice that a lot of the things said in this BBC story are things that were being said 30 and 40 years ago about what life would be like today. Could we have a steady state situation here?

    My CSUA web page is up. Enjoy it. It's mainly to sucker other CSUA members into coming here.


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