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    Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated thirty years ago today. If you listen to classical radio, you may have noticed that the DJs all talk like Garrison Keillor, with lots of pauses. Well, the guy on KUSC was talking about Martin Luther King Jr., and here is that happened:

DJ: A group of his followers are making a... pilgrimage to Memphis today to recreate...

Me: [What kind of sick people are these?]

DJ: King's last march.

Me: [Oh, good.]

    I felt like a character in a sitcom.

    I got my first issue of Unix Review's Performance Computing yesterday. I'm kind of steamed, because when I subscribed to it it was Unix Review, but in between my time of subscription and my receipt of the first issue, they seem to have let NT in. Ick. Still, it's not like I'm paying for the magazine.


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