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: You know you've been hacking too long when you see chalk graffiti that says "No blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans = UCLA in the year 2000" and think "Well, obviously, if you assign it.".

    What is it about chalk graffiti writers and other student protestors that they must exaggerate? Another chalk graffiti tidbit equates Proposition 209 and Chancellor Carnesdale to "The extinction of minorities." No. Just no. Extinction is not the word. Extinction applies to species and refers to death. I cannot believe the arrogance of these people.

    Even though the reverse discrimination it entails has hurt me severely, I am in favor of affirmative action for the time being. I think a better rubric for preferential treatment would be income level, but ethnicity is fine. But please, chalk graffiti people, stop making yourselves look stupid with these lame emotional appeals.

    I realize that this started silly and turned into me bitching, but incompetent chalk graffiti people really, really bug me.

    I got a PTE override number for CS180, so I should be able to enroll despite being a quarter away from being a junior. James is on the phone right now getting his grades so I can't call, or upload this for that matter.

    There, I'm enrolled. That was annoying. Now to upload this, and wait for my philosophy class at 3:30. Why does it start at 3:30? I don't know. It goes from 3:30 to 4:45. I have no idea why. It's three hours of lecture per week, I guess they just decided to start on the half hour. Hey, it's in Kinsey 51, the same room in which I was tormented by Dr. Doug Durian and his Dancing Dipoles of Death last quarter. Yippee.

    I finally found the IP address for the Linux box over at MAP. It is Bang on it, whatever. I'll try and give it a name next time I go in. Hm, doesn't seem to be working. Oh well. JB said it may not be accessible from the outside but I did a telnet into it from Sampo, but who knows.


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