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: Kris has formally apologized for his contention that there are too many "hey"s in my song Disaster Movie. [He came to life.] Good for him. He also apologized to Jack Horkheimer, Star Hustler, a man deserving only the light-hearted poking-fun-at all members of the human race deserve, for his (Kris') decidedly non-light-hearted jokes about him (Jack Horkheimer, Star Hustler). Catharsis is good.

    K from Australia, upon seeing the new Leonard's Yummy Homepage, remarks:

Bickety bam, your recent web upgrades seem to indicate you've fallen out of your tree. Welcome to the land of those with fucked-up heads.

    As Ed McMahon would say, indeed.

    Read that message, by the way. K has a nice Linux PR site which would be cool even if I hadn't contributed ideas and links to it. I'll add it to my Linux page eventually. Hey, I've done it already. How's that for response time?

Later: Oh man, you've got to check out the latest Ion Technology. Oh man. Oh man. Easily the silliest thing I've written in quite a while. Oh man. I put a "Wah wah wah waaaaah!" trombone in a story and it goes downhill from there.

    I asked Kris today if his use of the phrase "Three quarks for [me]" on his apology page was a Finnegans Wake reference, and he said it was. Cool. Reading Finnegans Wake was my project for most of my junior year in high school. What a great book. I betcha Kris hasn't actually read it, though, since that phrase is where the word "quark" came from. He probably just found that quote reading about the etymology of the word "quark". Not that that makes me any better than him or anything. Well, okay, it does. It does, do you hear me? People who have read Finnegans Wake form a highly elite group superior to all other forms of life! There, you got it out of me!


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