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: It's Days of Defiance here at UCLA. Come on down to Days of Defiance. Free hot dogs for the kids.

    The theme today was vaudeville. Kris and I did a bit called Addicted to Vaudeville in which I played a man accused of embezzlement and Kris my lawyer.

Addicted to Vaudeville

Kris: Your honor, my client is clearly obsessed with vaudeville. He was in no proper state of mind at the time to have committed the embezzlement.

Leonard [singing]: Ya da da, yadada da da da...

Kris: Even now, he sings those songs of yesteryear.

Leonard: Say Mr. Straub, it seems that that's a new suit you're wearing.

[Real vaudeville music starts playing.]

Kris: It certainly is, Mr. Richardson. [Gets hat and cane from briefcase.]

Leonard: How'd you get the money to pay for that suit?

Kris: I sent an innocent man to jail! [rim shot]

Both [singing]: Ya da da, yadada da da da...

    Then I got Kris to draw the mutated lizard who's won the hearts of theatre-goers everwhere, Vaudvilla. His cane is as long as this bus. I'll scan him when and if I go home this weekend. We had lots of fun doing the Godzilla roar while doing the happy little vaudeville dance.

    I read somewhere on the net that the people who did the new Godzilla didn't give him radioactive breath because it was too unrealistic. Excuse me? Radioactive breath is out but sudden size changes are okay? Not to mention that at maximal size Godzilla would collapse under his own weight? Yeesh.

Later: I was bored, and had just done some sprucing up of my system, so I figured I'd get a screen grab of the login-motd-fortune thing I set up. One thing led to another, and I did an around the world thing. Actually, around Los Angeles County, and then only because of Sampo. All the other machines are within a half-mile radius of each other.

    I just got email from Adam saying that his brother saw Godzilla, and that Godzilla does not actually grow during the course of the movie. They just got the proportions consistently and totally wrong. Adam also says that his brother says the movie sucks. In the same fetchmail run, I got this extra-disturbing message from Kris. "See saucy Marla Pennington trip her tongue with Dick Christie!" No. Just no.

    My sendmail daemon doesn't seem to be working. Oh darn. I'm going to have to change the thing I did to it today to make rubberfish boot faster.

    By the way, yesterday Kris wrote an email to KCAL News about how stoplights are not a place at which you have a large amount of personal privacy, and they read it on the air and Kris was commended by Larry Elder, which was pretty cool.

Later still: I'm trying out my start page, which might save me the time I spend typing URLs. I just took mental note of all the URLs I type frequently and put them on one page. We'll see how well it works.

    This week is the 25th anniversiary of Ethernet. Happy birthday Ethernet. Whee.

    Oh my goodness. Check this out. If you do an Altavista search for "microsoft", the Crummy main page is hit #27. That's 27 out of 8476638.

    I didn't Altavista "microsoft" myself to find that out, by the way. I found that in our referer logs.

    Come see Adam at Coffee Junction tomorrow, everybody! Go to Kris' weird Xi Guard page for info.

    Michael was bitching about my .sig, so I made a new one that takes up less bandwidth and is less annoying. Now, my .sig is lightly scented with lemon![1]

[1] Actually, that's a lie.


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