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: Yesterday and today the theme was Small Wonder, arguably the worst of the bad '80s sitcoms. We tore apart Vicki the incredibly inaccurate and poorly designed robot, then picked up on her habit of taking the last part of someone's sentence and doing something kind of related to those words. I think the set of actions we defined was: spin around, heat up, lift someone up, magnetize an aluminum (?!?!) can, and fly by the arm-flapping method. We did numerous other things as well. This was one of my contributions (the all caps parts are supposed to represent Vicki's monotone:

telnet vicki.fox.com
Connected to vicki.fox.com
Escape character is '^]'.

Welcome to Vicki
login: rlawson

[rlawson@Vicki rlawson] ls

Vicki: ELL ESS. [begins spinning around]

Spinning around...
[1]+  Stopped                 ls
[rlawson@Vicki rlawson] cat linus.au /dev/audio

Vicki: DEV AUDIO. [begins to heat up]

Heating up...
[1]+  Stopped                 cat linus.au /dev/audio
[rlawson@Vicki rlawson]

    And so on.

    Inevitably the Small Wonder schtick was combined with the vaudeville schtick, and we all performed vaudeville as Vicki. YA TA TA TA TA TA. YA TA TA TA TA TA. So, Vicki, I hear you manage a baseball team. BASEBALL TEAM. They give the players very unusual names these days, or so I hear. YA TA TA TA-- No, not yet!

    Yesterday we went to Coffee Junction yet again to hear Adam play. I made a videotape of the event. Today we're going yet yet again to see Marcella play the piano. Whee.

    Today I took what I believe to be the easiest midterm I have ever taken. Each problem had instructions on how to do it. Yeesh. I finished in half an hour.

Later: We went to see Marcella. Man, she was really rockin'. And what a babe. My, my. Adam, here's the link to Jake's page. I lent Adam my crup tapes to listen to.


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