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: Wee-hoo. Lots of new stuff. The amount of homework I have due tomorrow and Friday that I haven't done is astounding.

    Check it out. We have a new employee in the PC group at MAP. Her name is Nina Garcia. Not to be confused with Tina Garcia, whom I went to high school with.

    You know those ads for the Godzilla movie? I saw a bus ad the other day and it said "His foot is as long as his bus." But today I saw two other bus ads and they said "His jaw is as long as his bus." and "His foot is as long as this sign." (the sign was about half the length of the bus) Did I misread the first sign, or did they suddenly shrink the length of Godzilla's foot by a factor of two? If size matters so much, why can't they get it right the first time? Also, how do they do magazine advertising for that movie? "His thumbnail is as big as this page."?

    There are also billboard Godzilla ads. There is the foot one and one that says "His head is as tall as this sign." Judging from the signs, Godzilla is one oddly-proportioned guy. Here's my conception of Godzilla, based on what I have gathered from the ads.

=====|  |
  ___|_ |
 ----+  |
     |  |
     |  |
     |  |
     |  |
     |  |

    I think they might be trying to cash in on the Far Side cartoon in which Godzilla is stymied by a sign saying "You must be at least this tall to attack Tokyo."

    I like Gamera better than Godzilla, anyway. Gamera has a good heart.

    Also, why is the flag at half-mast today?

    DaveNet is strange today. I've never seen the stupid Taco Bell chihuahua, and I'm glad. Dave Winer is pretty cool, but he tends to like things I would never, ever like.

    I'm in the CSUA lab right now typing on one of the SGI machines. It's got a nice big monitor. The desktop is really weird though. Mp3s of the Doors are being played. The Doors bug the heck out of me. I should probably go look at my CS180 and CS51 homework, since it's in postscript format and I can't view postscript at home. I really oughta get my printer set up w/Linux.

    Jake sent me an inspirational [cellular] pep talk the other day. I don't know if I want to put it up on the page or hoard it to myself, though. There's a mail I sent to Mike Rust the other day regarding my plans for LYH and Crummy which I need to reprint or expound on, as well. Anyway, time to think about going to class.

Later: I just had this hilarious image of Dali sending Picasso the same postcard year after year. And Picasso runs out to the mailbox and reads the postcard and thinks "Aw, crap, it's the oysters postcard again.". Then I guess he'd call up Dali on the phone and ask him if he had Prince Albert in a Can or something. You know what? They actually have Prince Albert in a Can at the Thrifty^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HRite Aid. It's chewing tobacco. I never knew what it was.

    We are officially out of food. I should be able to squeak by until Friday on stuff from the SEAS Cafe, then my mother is going to take me home for the weekend and we'll get more food then. James seems to be able to live on Hamburger Helper and soup. I tried an experiment of not getting groceries to see if I could get him to get a whole bunch of stuff, but for three weeks all he's brought home is enough Hamburger Helper and hamburger and soup and milk to make it through another week. The experiment must now end, as there is no more food, and, like Jeff Lynne, I need food to live. The bright side is that when I get food, James doesn't seem to eat much of it. Just the macaroni and cheese and, of course, the Helper. He doesn't touch my cereal or... argh, I'm forgetting what food there even is. Help me, Spock! Help me!

    David has his own food too, in case you were wondering.

    Oh yeah, I have a second job now. I am tutoring Peter Hodgson, a professor of Russian Literature, in the ways of Linux. It's just a couple hours a week, but it's good pocket money. He's got a system which is really cool, in which all his email and all his ideas are kept in a database. When we have our meetings he'll open up an emacs buffer and keep notes of everything. I'd like to have a system like that.


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