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: Wang's lawsuit against Netscape has been dismissed. Hooray.

    I bought a copy of Learning GNU Emacs today at the bookstore. I'm going home for the weekend and I want something to read. It looks cool. Plus, chicks dig a guy with a copy of Learning GNU Emacs. That's what Adam says, anyway. Hey, wait a minute! Adam is a vi user! I've ben gypped!

    The Godzilla plot thickens. Kris claims to have seen a television commercial in which Godzilla's foot comes down, Monty Python style, and crushes a full-scale reconstruction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. He estimates that Godzilla's foot is about 4/3 the length of the skeleton. This would put the foot length at (as a guess) 80 feet, much longer than either a city bus or the ad on such a bus (see the 5/06 entry).

    This constant Godzilla size revisionism must stop. Are moviegoers going to appreciate a Godzilla who fluctuates from being really, really, really big to just really, really big? No! They won't stand for it! The American consumer demands a Godzilla of constant size! It's time to let our voices be heard! Send me an email of support and I'll add your name to the following petition:


To the presidents of Toho Co., Ltd. and TriStar Pictures

    The American cinema has a long and honorable tradition. In addition to purely domestic films, many foreign films, remakes of foreign films, and American-made films based on foreign stories have seen success in the bijous of this great country. It is in the interest of mantaining this tradition that we, the movie-goers of this nation, submit this petition to you, regarding Godzilla, star of the upcoming Tri-Star motion picture Godzilla.

    The motto of the movie seems to be "Size Does Matter". And indeed Americans like their heroes to be bigger than life. However, the advertisements for the movie contradict each other unequivocably on the matter of Godzilla's actual size. Our best estimates of Godzilla's height, for instance, place him at being anywhere from 40 to 300 meters tall. This public misinformation campaign must stop. There is a place for suspense and secrecy in the movie business, but when it comes to Godzilla's relative proportions, the public has a right to not be kept in the dark by uninformative and misleading advertising campaigns.

    We request the following:

  1. Change all Godzilla promotional advertising to reflect Godzilla's actual (on-screen) size and relative proportions.
  2. File a report with the American National Standards Institute detailing a hypothetical (real) Godzilla's size and relative proportions, and pledge not to deviate from them during Godzilla.
  3. Don't let Godzilla suck.

    Our demands are few and easily met. We thank you for your attention.


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