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: Oh yeah, Peter and I got our grant. It's $1000 which will hopefully be tripled by work-study next quarter. Woo hoo I say.

    Even the mighty BBC is not free from typos on Web pages. Go to here to see those zany Brits use "flower" instead of "flour". Prince Charles is full of it. I'm sorry, he shouldn't be in any kind of position of power. Dismantle the House of Lords while you're at it (nobody knew he was from the House of Lords). Down with the royals!

Later: More newshub stuff. The headline for this piece is "Parks Against New Kenniwick Law". You'd think it'd be about a place called New Kenniwick which passed a law that inadvertantly banned parks. But it's not. It's about the National Park Service speaking out against a law that will allow a 9200-year-old specimen called Kenniwick Man to be examined despite the objections of Native American groups who claim Kenniwick Man as an ancestor despite the lack of any evidence for this claim. It burns my toast, both the objections and the ambiguity of the headline.

    The survey is not turning out the way I thought it would. Of four responses, only Joe Barr has given an answer analagous to mine. Oh well.


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