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: I took out my rant about the yelling guy because, like most stuff one writes at midnight, it was really incoherent. More later, I'm at work right now. I got the nameserver and everything to work, so I'm typing this on gogol from a telnet session from groucho.

Later: Michael Yount expressed his disappointment at the absence of my yelling-guy rant. I may put it back up eventually.

    I finally got my tapes from Jake. Awesome is all I can say. Especially the mighty mighty cover of The Chickadee, which he turned into a Lutheran humn, and Butterfly. My demon Lucille Ball bit got sampled in Check Yourself (For Ticks). The so-called "Booty Tape 2" is also cool. Jer's tapes coming soon, again [the world] according to Jake.

    I begin work again. I don't have summer school until next week, though.


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