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: Yesterday was movie night. Adam brought over Barton Fink. Pretty good movie, even though Steve Buscemi only had a minor role. Steve says: "Nyeh heh heh. Catch me in Armageddon. I'm doing it for the money." Speaking of which, a while back the building in which I work was turned into a giant ad for Armageddon. They hung a big sheet over the building to make it look like a hole had been punched through it by an asteroid. I have a picture somewhere on my hard drive, I'll put it up if and when I find it.

    I just remembered something today. I'm almost 19. If I were still a Mormon it would be almost time for me to go and proselytize for two years. But I'm not, so I don't have to. This makes me happy.

    Here is my smiley face. :)


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