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: Hey hey hey, another roommate coming my way. At this rate I'll actually make money this summer instead of losing it.

    Jake said he'd have tape for me by Friday's Electronics. But it ain't so. His mailserver seems to be down too. Oh darn. You should have seen me earlier. Man, I want those tapes.

    I'm wearing an old shirt my mom gave me. I think she got it from my uncle Leonard. It has a weird acrylic portrait of a man who is allegedly President Clinton. That's why I think she got it from my namesake uncle, because said uncle is some kind of campaign organizer for the Democrats. He's got signed thank-you notes from the prez on his fridge, for his help in the 1992 and 1996 elections. You wouldn't know it was President Clinton on the shirt unless someone told you, though. Most of his face is shadowed.

    I put up a leonardr directory called Strictly Leonard which will contain some LYH functionality. Still thinking about design.

Later: I'm reading a book I borrowed from Omar. It's called Mathematical Recreations And Essays. I'm hoping it'll help me with CS180. But it's weird. It's a British book, published in 1987. But the conventions are not conventions I've ever seen, even in British books. For instance: What is used as the symbol for the decimal point is the symbol for multiplication or ANDing, and vice versa. In large numbers, commas are only placed every five decimal places. And rather than have numeric footnotes like ordinary decent God-fearing books, it has weird shape footnotes that start over on ever page. It is weird weird weird.

Later still: Hehe. The guy from Music From the Hutts of Space (as Andy and I used to call it, and still do, I guess, also use the MST3K-parody name Music From Some Guys In Space) just said something funny. It's too complicated to explain, though. You had to be there. As Adam says, it was funny by inspection, not by definition.


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