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: Man, I hope Peter is okay. I haven't heard from him in a week.

    Sorry about all the tiny entries lately. I've been busy.

    For instance, on the 14th Adam and I went to install Red Hat on Kris' computer. Except it's not his computer, it's his laptop. We all know about the hazards of installing Linux on laptops (cough cough proprietary hardware), and Kris' laptop is the cheapest, lousiest, most Taiwanese-clonish laptop in existance. He bought a new hard drive to put Linux on, but the BIOS would halfway recognize it and the installation wouldn't recognize it at all. And I ask him if it's a SCSI drive and he says "Oh yeah, it is." So we try SCSI autoprobing and it doesn't work (for reasons we will soon discover), and we try some drivers and none of those work, so we decide to put the W95 hard drive back in and see what SCSI driver that's using. And as Kris unplugs the hard drive I see that it's not a SCSI hard drive but a PCMCIA hard drive. Geez. Stupid Kris. So we try it with PCMCIA but it still doesn't work and so I try to get the BIOS to recognize the hard drive in the first place, and at that point I had to leave so I don't know how it went. Adam was there too, he took over for me.

    Speaking of Adam, Coffee Junction is a week from today.

    Speaking of today, it's Jake's birthday. Happy birthday Jake. I have written a birthday extravaganza for Jake which will go on a tape, hopefully tonight, and over mail to Jake. I will post the lowdown on the tape after Jake hears it, as it may be of general interest. Also tonight Darius is coming over and he wants me to look at some Web thing he's doing. I also have to get my landlord's W95 to recognize his modem. I think the modem may be broken.

    And also I have physics lab today. So I'm busy. I'm going to miss a physics lab on Thursday because Coffee Junction interferes with it.

    I don't have a setlist for Coffee Junction. Adam, you already have about 20 messages from me in your mailbox so I'll just ask you this on the Web: if we don't get my guitar fixed in time for the gig, can I borrow your electric for songs like Asia Carrera and Arbitron that require the use of a top string?


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