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: Agh. I just got suckered into looking at the first page of that "teens to lose virginity on Web" page. Omar made a mirror of it and mentioned the URL in the fire automsg. I foolishly did not associate the domain name with the subject matter of the site. I'm normally not that naive, but my mind is not doing too well this morning.

    I have now spent three solid days preparing Jake's birthday tape. It is now done and ready to go. I just need for Jake to send me the address he wants it sent to so I can send it out.

Later: Okay, now you can lose your virginity on the Web. And you are literally losing your virginity on the Web, unlike those bums I mentioned above. It even works in Lynx!

Attention: I hereby apologize for and retract my statement "Stupid Kris." in today's entry. It was a mistake anyone could have made, except for people who know what a PCMCIA socket looks like. Uh, but my point is, I overreacted, and I'm sorry. However, I stand by my statement "Geez."


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