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: Thanks to Need To Know, I know (nyuk nyuk nyuk) that Unix turns 900 million seconds old on my birthday.

    I saw about half of a Marx Brothers movie on the cable I get through my rabbit ears and don't pay for. It was Room Service. Not very good, actually. My cable is really preternatural. I don't understand where it's coming from. My leading hypothesis is electromagnetic leakage from the cable of the people who live in the apartment above mine. But at least I get the Sci-Fi Channel. MST3K today.

Later: Correction. MST3K tomorrow. I keep forgetting it's Friday (It's Friday!).

    I figured out what the Heartland America catalog is for. It's for middle-class people who don't have enough money to be upper-class but who have enough money to buy stuff that lets them pretend to be upper-class. I was going to say "middle-class white people" but I don't see any reason why other races can't join in the shame.

    I'm going to work on getting more of the site up now.


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