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: Well, SSI works now.

I'm gonna put the mega header and the nice SSI-enabled footer (look at the source) into include files and try including them in all Crummy files. Cool. The front page now passes the W3C's HTML validator. Don't know about the other stuff though.

I got Jake's tape liner and Jeremy's tape yesterday. The tape liner is cool. It mentions me twice, once as "Leonard Richardson of Leonard Richardson fame... about whom we know virtually nothing." Jer's tape is so cool that I was enthralled despite nothing on the tape having to do with me in any way.

I was being facetious just there. Jer's tape is the double stuff.

I'm going to put up a web-based notebook for URLs and stuff. I use so many different computers nowadays, and remote bookmark management is still merely a dream. I don't like bookmarking stuff, because I won't be able to use it everywhere I go, but at the same time I don't want to lose valuable URLs. I've taken to actually writing down URLs, if you can believe that. So a Web notebook is the answer. Powered, of course, by SSI.

OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO is mostly done. By this I mean that I just have a couple (4) more songs that can be recorded with what I have on hand. 6 more I can record once Adam lends me his hog. 2-4 more require Adam/Leonard collabaration. That sounds like a lot (many full albums have fewer than 14 songs), but a) my songs are short, and, in general, pretty easy to record; and b) this is not your standard "mainstream" release, pink boy. I intend to, I intend to rock you, long and hard, and without mercy. So don't give me any crap about the number of tracks on the tape. My songs are defined integer but they pack a double-precision punch, and each dose of musical medicine is more potent than the last. Packed with hooks and crooks, nooks and brooks, they really satisfy the Eulerian path condition. So don't stand making faces, 'cause only one release this year bears the Porcelain Puppy Seal of Approval.


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