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: I don't like that format, let's get something like what we had before.

Second paragraph requires both tags.

Fri Sep 11 19:29:37 1998 (leonardr):

This is a test of the mighty News You Can Bruise web publication system. Behold the HTML!

09/11/1998: In keeping with the tradition of recieving mail from cool people I don't know on account of having reflected upon their work in some fashion, I present this message recieved from the mighty Brett Glass in response to my Segfault article which I don't have gpm on this terminal and I'm not going to type the URL so you'll just have to find it yourself that talked about his Windows 3.1 error message program.

In other news, I am making the notebook program into a nitro-burning remote publishing mobile. It will rock, oh yes. More traffic on the ones.

09/08/1998: Woohoo! I got mail from Pokey himself! And Pokey uses Linux!

09/07/1998: Whee, we have moved. Crummy will be here until next June, probably. Puff the mighty Sampo lived by the sea.

09/04/98: Oh no, yenrab found my secret page!

Soon I may be moving webbily as well as physically. Peter has decided to claim gogol as his own. I hope Andy comes back soon.

09/02/98: Screw it. Here's the notebook source. CGI is wonko lately. Some people see the browser greeting and some don't. Agh.

09/01/98: The Browser Greetings program stopped working. I don't know why.

Source for the notebook will be forthcoming, unlike my renewal. If you get that reference, I'm really impressed.

: As you can see from the thing below, we're moving over to a new format here in the Deep 13 Grotto Room. Rather than open up a telnet every time we want to update News You Can Bruise, Andy and I can just fire up the notebook program and publish the news through the Web. Of course, since we care not for consistency, we'll be doing the telnet thing quite a bit as well. Soon there will be a public notebook for the common rabble to put notes in, and private notebooks for first-estaters me and Andy, which all can read but which are us-password-protected. Woohoo! Once again SSI proves its superiority over all other forms of communication!


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