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: Here I am in the SEASNet xterm lab, and the browser greeting program knows this fact even. I could put in more hostname recognition, I guess. Then Kris and Andy, at least, could also get personalized greetings.

I just spent $160 on books. I could have easily spent over twice that if I had bought the optional CS M151B books. I may return the one CSM151B book I did get if I can get a better price on it from Amazon.

Woop, I just got mail from Ilyah. Time to go downstairs.

Sep 26 1998 (leonardr): Wow, Kris shares three of my four classes (all except Classics). I think Adam shares one but I have not heard from him. Kris must endure the four-hour lab with me and then he has three more hours of class right after that. My heart bleeds for you, Scally.


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