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: I'm going through Joe's Garage a lot this weekend, mainly because I can't find Strictly Commercial. The first time I listened to it I didn't really like it, but now I am in the groove. The first disc is great, but the second gets into too many long guitar solos, which are not my favorite thing. Watermelon in Easter Hay, however, is a beautiful song which I can pay attention to despite the fact that it's nine minutes of guitar solo.

School starts tomorrow. I better get a schedule page up so I don't miss classes.

: I got a tamale at the Vons deli for a dollar, as I miss the homemade tamales made by my friends' mothers back in Arvin. "That's a hot tamale!" Um, anyway, the tamale comes, as tamales do, in a corn husk, but it was also wrapped in plastic, and when I got it the deli lady wrapped it in a plastic bag. Too much packaging for one poor tamale! The tamale is in the microwave right now, and I'm about to go get it and bring it in here and eat it. It's not too bad, although I prefer the ones with olives and stuff in them. Who am I fooling? Nobody cares about my tamale. And now my tamale is eaten, and its sad tale is over.


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