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: I have Bio with LJ and CS131 with Adam (and lots of other people I only kind of know right now), both pleasant surprises. I also got a very nice new years card from Darren McGraw. Thanks, Darren!

I'm working on the notes for my CGI class. I did my first two real GIMP graphics today, making much use of the screen shot and the copy/paste named buffers. They live here and are slightly too big for a normal-sized screen (gogol's screen is huge).

Exchange of the day (in CS131):

Prof. Izadpanah: You were in my other class, weren't you?

Me: Yeah, I was in your [CS]31.

Prof. Izadpanah: How did you skip ahead?

Me: It was a couple of years ago.

Oh yeah, Andy's not going to be back for a week. I'm going to have to mave all my stuff over to fire, as I just can't deal with this kind of downtime. It was okay last year when all I had was just self-aggrandizing Web pages, but now that I actually use Web tools to do work with, this not having them business has got to stop.

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