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: Yes, once more Leonard Richardson Month is upon us. I was going to reuse the 1997 Leonard Richardson Month copy for the third year running, but let's try to put a stop to the practice of reusing copy for the third year running, shall we?

There is a new Mail You Can Bruise. It's not even from a real person, but I think it's funny. I get the "fire is being strobed!" security message a lot, but I'd never gotten this security message before. Now I can say "Yes, I get alerted by email whenever someone is in promiscious mode." Whenever someone is in promiscious mode, I know about it! You can count on that.

I now have a whole bunch of travelogue pictures from my mother, which will soon be integrated into the travelogue proper. I am distressed to discover that the haircut I had did not make me look older. In fact, it made me look like a thirteen-year-old. Fortunately, I no longer have that haircut.

In just nine days {I can make you a man, I will be twenty years old}. Huzzah!

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