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: I just met Arely Zaragoza, who I went to high school with, in Ackerman. She is in a pre-med summer plan here, apparantly. I believe she is going to Cal State Bakersfield.

That trumps what I was going to put here, which is that I got my story published in Be Dope. That story is in the vein of the Adam Kaplan school of comedy, which holds that anything involving the word "ass" is funny. I think I did as well as I could have done, given the subject matter.

Mike Popovic, Be Dope editor extraordinaire, has offered me a CD of BeOS 4.5. Yippee! Now maybe I can finally get my music in gear.

So kids, if you want a copy of BeOS 4.5, just write a silly story for Be Dope. Note: I cannot guarantee that this will work for you.

I went to the EMS library, looking for the thing by Kolmogorov on the relative magnitudes of the different indices of a function, thinking it would be fun to read over the weekend. Unfortunately, while "the thing by Kolmogorov on the relative magnitudes of the different indices of a function" is how I store it in my mind, that's not something you can search on in the EMS library. Everything by Kolmogorov I could find looked too heavy for me, so I'll have to ask Prof. Enderton what paper or book he was talking about. This is no great loss, as there are two other books I am in the same predicament about, and I can just ask about all of them at once.

I did get Kernighan's (ho ho ho! I'm Brian Kernighan!) UNIX Programming Environment, Brooks' (ho ho ho! I'm Fred Brooks! No, never mind) The Mythical Man Month, and Knuth's Literate Programming, which will hold me at least through the 4th of July weekend.

Along the hall of the 6th floor of the Math Sciences building, there are portraits of mathematicians. Godel is right outside the door, and Kolmogorov is a little down the hall. Kolmogorov looks like he was quite the ladies' man.

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