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: My mother alleges that it has not been three years since I bought a computer, since "[w]e just bought mine in February". However, I did not buy that computer, and, more to the point, that is not my computer, it is her computer.

Am I really picky? Yesterday at work I was talking about the sale of 25 tons of gold by the Bank of England, and Rona made a joke, saying that that amount of gold would be worth about 25 cents in Canadian money. The point of the joke was that Canadian money is worthless, but I pointed out that the joke actually implied that Canadian money was incredibly valuable, if 25 cents would buy 25 tons of gold. And Rona implied that I was being really picky. But if you make a joke, and someone points out that the point made by the joke was the opposite point of the one you intended to make, is that being picky?

: How about this: I replace my computer about once every 35 months.

: Oooh mista Kotter! I forgot to mention this: I found those caffinated penguin mints! At the Penguins frozen yogurt place! They're not made by Penguins, it's a cross-promotional deal. With these caffienated penguin mints, I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!

And my birthday is tomorrow.

: rfk2 now has bullets, although the guys the bullets are supposed to hurt don't realize that they're bullets. How inconsiderate. This is more of a breakthrough than it sounds, as it means that things on the screen can be created and destroyed at runtime. I still have to clean up the code a lot, so I'm not putting out a new release. Not that anyone downloads it anyway. Well, judging from the webserver logs, there have been 19 downloads of it. Pretty good, actually.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Scott D. Boyd (sdboyd@fastlane.net) sent me some Perl code for doing DNS lookups. You have him to thank for the fact that the browser greetings program now prints out your hostname instead of your IP address.

: Now that my home system works again I find myself wanting to not spend my birthday money. Argh! I knew this would happen! Will I have to deliberately destroy my old computer to make me get a new one?

: In the spirit of last year's UNIX countdown, I present this year's American-style date countdown.

: Time for another episode of Date Countdown, American Style!

: Bullets in rfk2 are sane now. They disappear when they go off the screen, but dead killers can still kill you. So get the new version. The code is still messy. I'm still learning how to use malloc and free. I used to be really scared of anything pertaining to pointers, but I think I'm getting a lot better.

: All objects in rfk2, except for robot, are now allocated at runtime. The only problem I'm having right now is when you stand right next to something and fire at it. The object gets overwritten with the bullet. I'm going to need to create the bullet, manually hit the other object with the bullet, and send the touch message to the bullet, whereupon it will remove itself from memory.

rfk2 is a decent game now. By this I do not mean that it's fun for any length of time. I mean that it has a goal, some enemies who interfere with the goal, and a way of dispatching those enemies. Enemy to dispatch.

Another new version up now. This is the first actually playable version, if you ignore the problem with shooting right next to something.


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