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: It turns out that Andy is as lost without a map as I am when it comes to these newfangled computers. Andy:

"And on the subject of computer upgrades, my mother and I were shopping around for new computer parts to upgrade Lisa's computer and it dawned on me that I had no friggin' idea what's good these days and what isn't. Apparently motherboards these days require funky new computer cases. And RAM SIMMS are yesterday's news."

I just got some pointers from Mike Popovic of BeDope, though, so I'm doing okay.

Oh, I set up a thing to record where people come to my homepage from. Mostly from segfault, but a few from bedope, one from yenrab's page, and one from the sampo 404 page.

I've gotten 3 emails of appreciation about my bedope story. I don't know how to respond, so I thank you publically on my page here.

Andy is coming over next week sometime, I hope, to record Jake's birthday present with me. While he's here, I hope to do a sort of "Phantasmorgia of Andy!" in which we record all my songs that mention him. I believe I have three. They're all just one-off references, I don't have a song about him per se.

I should really go see the Berliner Ensemble this weekend. It's probably something which for the rest of my life I will regret not having gone to see. But I'm just so lazy.

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