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: I screwed up! I forgot that I'm a senior now, and entitled to the first slot for picking classes! And I went and wasted that slot by not signing up for anything! Now 181 is full! ARRGH

Oh well. I had to scramble, but I found a decent schedule for the fall. Computer System Modeling Fundamentals, which appears to be a benchmarking class or a distributed systems class or some combination of the two; the database class I almost took last quarter; A creampuff (?) Bach music history class; and First Course in Logic, which I discovered you need in order to take any interesting upper-division philosophy classes, apart from the Philosophy of Science series, which is not being offered this year.

FCIL has gotta be a joke. What could be in it that I haven't done three times over? My only concern is that I'm using up my easy classes this quarter. But I don't really have a choice, as the two hard classes I have left I can't take this quarter.

I'm going to be very angry if UCLA doesn't think the classes I chose fall into the right categories and makes me take additional classes, thus preventing me from graduating on time. I don't think that will happen, but it might.

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