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: Mark Twain's The Late Benjamin Franklin has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever read. Enjoy in moderation.

I typed that in just now. I'm not expecting you to be awed by that, I'm just explaining why I'm putting a copy on my site and not pointing to it somewhere else.

Fred is having this moral crisis about the crappy proprietary software you have to use in the digital design lab. He won't agree to the licensing agreement, and believes that this prohibits him from using the software. Sheesh! I wish that was my biggest moral problem.

To his credit, Fred is not (just) a whiner. He is writing a GPLed replacement for the crappy proprietary software you have to use in the assembly language class (the infamous and much-mocked CUSP). I salute him for that. Also, I went through rfk2 with him today and he enjoyed my code, and I showed him some new C tricks. This I am proud of, as he previously proved to be the repository of all Linux-display-related knowledge, thus making me feel inferior.

Today is the day of swiping stuff from school. I swiped the toaster from CSUA, as I have none of my own (I'm a hatter), and I was having to toast my bread in the oven, and it was always burning. I also swiped the fan from Peter's office, as my apartment is impossibly hot, especially at night. I doubt that fan has seen daylight in fifteen years.

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