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: For some reason I didn't think Andy would actually leave for Indiana without coming down here first, but he did, and so my start page is gone. So I had to recreate it. Right now it's just a big jumble.

: Yes, I know what time it is. I fell asleep at 6.

: My Texas travelogue now has pictures! Over 30 pictures! In color! Oh yeah, and the alt tags are pretty funny.d So check it out. It might be a good deal for you.

: My old computer is going to be made into a server in the CSUA room. I want to call it "trurl" but I'm not sure how good that is, pronunciation-wise. There is a trurl.bpac.syr.edu and several trurls at Polish universities, so there are other people who think it's a good name. Better "trurl", which is hard to pronounce, than "rubberfish", which takes a long time to type.

: I got a 92% on my English midterm. Not bad for the horribleness that was my essay. I'm serious. I can't stand to read that essay.

: I'm writing a program that will let me change a piece of text to another piece of text, for use in changing links. And of course, it has wreaked havoc. So the music directory is screwed. I have to fix it now.

: I fixed the front music page. The rest of music needs to be restored from my hard drive. If anyone has the album covers or the OMP collage in their cache, please send it to me.

On the bright side, the link changer works now.


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