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: First, there was The Bible Code. Then, leonardr shocked the letter-crunching world with the Java/RMI monstrosity that was The Arbitrary Text Code. Now, behold the grand entrance of The Arbitrary Text Code, version 2.0!

TATC 2 is written in Perl. It's about an order of magnitude faster than TATC 1 (another order of magnitude is still neccessary, though) and about two orders of magnitude simpler. Instead of doing a whole lot of string chopping, it uses ordinary table regexps. To get another order of magnitude in performance I'm going to have to make it more complicated, though. Also, I plan to give TATC 2 the ability to, once it finds a grid for a word, to go through the grid and find all the other words hiding there. Wait a minute, that's the word search problem. That may have been solved before. Anyway.

Enjoy it. It will be there.

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