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: Someone from the credit union is supposed to call me today about my loan.

Despite not having any money, I tossed away $12 to refresh the optimal haircut. I don't know... we're so decadent! NYCB does not record the last time I got a haircut, but it was about a week before LWE, so around the beginning of August. So I'm getting my hair cut about once every 5 or 6 weeks. I'm throwing my money down a haircut rathole! But this haircut is so great.

There is a barbershop by the Lucky's by work, and down the street on the way to Trader Joe's there is a chain place. The barbershop is less expensive and gives me a closer cut, but I really feel uncomfortable having another man cut my hair. If I go to the chain I stand a good chance of having a pretty woman cut my hair. But I will probably keep going to the barbershop, because the uncomfortableness lasts about fifteen minutes, but a good haircut lasts six weeks.

The last time I got my hair cut (at the chain place), the pretty woman asked me if I was in the military. This time, (at the barbershop) the guy asked me if I was on the football team. It's a shame that the optimal haircut is seen as the sole province of our men in uniform.

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