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: Dan has moved in. We should get DSL today. Dan is waiting for the DSL person, who will come at precisely "PM".

We spent some time trying to think of ways to coerce our download bandwidth (we get 96K/sec download bandwidth, 20K/sec upload bandwidth) into augmenting our upload bandwidth. I had various crafty ideas which we dismantled on information-theoretical grounds; they were equivalent in the best case to just compressing the data before sending it. So I think we're stuck with 20K/sec uploads. Oh well.

I'm souping up Segfault's logfile analyser. It has TLD analysis and it will have referer analysis as soon as Scott has Apache log referer. We get a lot of hits from all over the world. I may do second-level domain analysis as well, while I'm at it, eg. "most popular .com domains".

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