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: I have a song which I will upload as soon as it's done encoding. Windows people, download this and see if it has the weird problem. I'm using a different, BeOS encoder.

The song is called Hungry Goriya. It's the song that finally brings together The Legend of Zelda and the overly happy noodle place that I pass on the way to the bus stop every morning. I had two more guitar parts that made the song completely unlistenable, but they... made the song completely unlistenable.

The vocals are unneccessarily distorted near the beginning. I'll fix that. Jake, I want you to download this version and do a drum loop for it. I envision rapid-fire hi-hat cymbals. Then I'll do the real version.

Also on my way to the bus stop, I pass a chicken place called "Chasin Chicken". The motto is "The cluck stops here!". Never have I seen the death of chickens announced with such morbid delight. Chasin Chicken is the Mr. Noodle of chicken.

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