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: Someone is going crazy, and I hope it's not me. Last night I watched the traditional Simpsons->Futurama->X-Files block (X-Files sucked; I think a policy of watching only episodes with aliens or the Lone Gunmen would be more successful than my current policy), and:

  1. There was stuff in The Simpsons that just plain made no sense. I know about and understand the surreal aspect of the jokes on The Simpsons, but these things weren't jokes, although they were portrayed as jokes. I don't mean they were jokes that weren't funny. I mean they weren't jokes at all. The fan belt? The air instead of Valium? {I, parents} just don't understand [how I could just kill a man]. Rather complicated multiple-reading sentence there.
  2. The commercials made me want to huddle up in a ball. Why? Why? Why are today's commercials so fundamentally disturbing? Were they always like this? Are the ad execs of America smoking crack (more than usual, I mean)? Are these commercials really supposed to make me want to buy these things?
  3. It's not Futurama's fault, but my repitoire of college party movies is extremely limited, so I had to extrapolate a lot of the jokes this week. Same as last week, actually, as I've never seen Titanic.

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